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Colors #1 …

A color is not just a color. Black. The color of elegance, awaresess and power. It represents the end but also the origin of a new beginning. In the evening it finds its maximum expression. Grey. Formal, discreet, reserved. Grey dress indicates sobriety. Blue. Blue is energy, credibility and sharpness. It represents loyalty, professional and […]

Light Blue slim knitted tie

Light Blue slim knitted tie. The light blue color is associated with the fifth chakra and represents creativity and extroversion, it’s an emblem of loyalty, calm, freedom and idealism and also a symbol of reflection and introspection. There are no definite rules about to wear a knitted tie. It will smarten up a casual outfit, or […]

Watch Boxes

If you like watches you can end up accumulating a good variety, so you need a watch box to organize them and store them in one place when not used. I prefer a classic stylish wooden box or case, even if there are automatic ones (with rotation every N minutes) so that watches do not […]