Rivieras Leisure Shoes

I met the Rivieras Leisure Shoes in the summer of 2013. That summer, suspended between Italy and Spain, I was looking for a moccasin, trendy, cool, that fit well with Bermuda shorts and at the same time with chinos, of which I wouldn’t be without.

“Reconnu comme un classique, le mocassin Rivieras se distingue par sa simplicité et s’adapte à tous les genres.”

Rivieras and the Sea

According to what reported by the same Rivieras: “Rivieras Leisure Shoes was created in 2009 around a flagship product: a chic and laid-back cloth loafer, which embrace the classic easy going summer look“, and again “Alongside the classic design, Rivieras introduced new colors, new fabrics and new materials. Each year they create limited editions with brands and artists who share their passion for the quintessential warm weather look.”.

Rivieras box

I have always found marketing and sales campaigns of great charm and impact both on the website and on the various social networks.

Faithfully redesigned to keep its distinctive « fifties » look, this classic leisure shoes is worn in the city, on the seaside, on the decks, in the sun or in the shade, night and day. 

Rivieras is autour de la piscine
Rivieras is sur le sable juste à côté
Rivieras is pelote basque ne spectateur
Rivieras is au soleil Rivieras is à l’ombre
Rivieras is en bicyclette bleue
Rivieras is filet d’huile d’olive
Rivieras is pool party à Palm Spring
Rivieras is en peignoir de bain
Rivieras is with my motorino
Rivieras is do you do you
Rivieras is invité sur un canot en acajou
Rivieras is short droit mi-genoux
Rivieras is à l’hippodrome
Rivieras is gomina Rivieras is oh yes it is
Rivieras is open bar
Rivieras is la Promenade des Anglais
Rivieras is pic-nic sur nappe vichy
Rivieras is guinguette
Rivieras is à tes pieds
Rivieras is baise en ville
Rivieras is corrida
Rivieras is not just pétanque and anisette
Rivieras is en vacances pas n’importe où
Rivieras is biennal, triennal…
Rivieras is Fine de Claire n°2
Rivieras is mods
Rivieras is …

Sources of inspiration and credits:: https://rivieras.com/https://www.facebook.com/RivierasShoeshttps://www.instagram.com/rivieras/https://www.linkedin.com/company/rivieras/

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