Tissot Wristwatch

Elegant, formal, informal, weekend outfit? A watch cannot be missing from your wrist. To be combined with the belt if with a leather strap or with cufflinks (if any) in the case of a metal strap. 

Whether it makes you feel like a new James Bond or not, it is your business card, it makes you unique and can even be a weapon of seduction in some cases.

Among other things, the etiquette allows all men to wear only a few jewels and among them the watch!

The charm of a mechanical or automatic watch is for me definitely superior to a quartz watch but this can be considered a mere detail. Moreover. personally, I find the ultra techs not very elegant to which I prefer a watch with a leather strap that gives a vintage touch to the outfit.

One of my favorite producers is Tissot. Founded way back in 1853, Tissot was one of the first manufacturers of wristwatches. 

Here is my Tissot Powermatic 80.

Tissot Powermatic 80

Source of inspiration and credits: https://www.tissotwatches.com/en-en/tissot-world-history/https://www.tissotwatches.com/

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