LEYVA. Supenders.

Man has been wearing suspenders, in various forms and variants, for 300 years. They even appear during the French Revolution.

The current models are derived from the English designer Albert Thurston. His models were sold in his London boutique at 27 Panton Street.

Over the years, the suspenders have evolved until as we know them today (shape, fabrics and buckles) as well as several set aside to come then back in vogue, as for example during the First World War when, for military uniforms, belts were preferred to suspenders.

Nowadays this accessory is experiencing one of its cyclical returns. They give “something more” to your outfit but remember, It takes character to wear suspenders.

Since 1960 Leyva have strived for perfection in the manufacture of every product. A unique style by combining an exclusive design, the best e most luxurious materials, a respect for artisanal traditions and cutting-edge technology.

In case of formal outfit, you need trousers without loops for the belt and do not use buckles but hook to the appropriate buttons of the trouser.

Source of inspiration and credits: https://www.aleyva.com/ingles/collections-braces/ https://www.tiendaleyva.com/en/21-braces

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