The Crocodile – Lacoste

Fashion is full of fascinating stories and interesting anecdotes.

Nowadays Lacoste is known all over the world thanks to the polo T-shirts that were made from 1933 in its line of clothing to wear for the game of tennis (today it is a must for tennis and golf).

His idea was based on the shirt of the Polo players. Lacoste had the idea of affixing the crocodile’s mark, his tennis nickname, and the simple t-shirt began to become a world icon.

There are numerous explanations of why Lacoste was originally nicknamed “The Crocodile.”.

A 2006 New York Times obituary about Lacoste’s son, Bernard, provides an apparently authoritative one. In the 1920s, supposedly, Lacoste made a bet with his team captain about whether he would win a certain match. The stakes were a suitcase he had seen in a Boston store; it was made of crocodile (or alligator) skin. Later, René Lacoste’s friend Robert George embroidered a crocodile onto a blazer that Lacoste wore for his matches.  (Source Wikipedia)

Short sleeved pullover by Lacoste

Source of inspiration

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