Colors #1 …

A color is not just a color.


The color of elegance, awaresess and power.

It represents the end but also the origin of a new beginning.

In the evening it finds its maximum expression.

Black tie


Formal, discreet, reserved.

Grey dress indicates sobriety.

Grey tie


Blue is energy, credibility and sharpness.

It represents loyalty, professional and is therefore perfect for a formal working environment.

Blue tie

Light Blue.

The fifth chakra … Creativity, extroversion, emblem of loyalty, calm, freedom and idealism.

Symbol of reflection and introspection.

Light Blue tie


Mix of primary colors: yellow, red and blue, symbolizes authenticity, quality, naturalness, simplicity, balance and need to satisfy our desires.

Those who use brown color are positive and satisfied with their life.

Brown tie

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